Bondara – The Best Online Store For Your Sex Toy Purchases

When speaking of sex toys and aids, there might be a good shop near you. However, when it comes to the huge selection and efficiency of the products, there is only one best name. That is one of UK’s most successful online sotres, which is Bondara..

As we know, different ages and sexes have different needs when it comes to sex toys. The good news is that Bondara knows well about this. This is the reason why the range of their products are awesome from vibrators, dildos, male and women sex toys, sexy lingerie, bondage gears, anal toys to sex gears. Actually, the collection of products in this local store has come out to be over a million already.

Why Go For Bondara

Besides the convenience in shopping that Bondara provides, there are a lot of other great benefits that this shop offers. Just like other online stores, you can take advantage of great discounts and price slash offs from the items that you want simply by using a Bondara offer code, Bondara discount codes or the promotional code that you can get from money-off vouchers for Bondara. Here, check out these great offers Bondara has in store for you:

Delivery. One of the best reasons as to why you need to stay with Bondara is their way of delivery. For one, they have low shipping rates and can even offer free delivery service if you order reach up to 39.99 Euros. What’s more, this online shop is very discreet about the client’s privacy. The package you will receive will not contain any logo of Sex products. Indeed, talking about affordability and privacy, Bondara has it both to offer you. Much more, they have a same day shipping policy.

Reputation. This online shop is indeed a trusted online company that undergoes monitoring from SafeBuy. With this, you can have peace of mind when doing your shopping here.

Billing. The good news about this shop is that even in your bills, they still think about your privacy. Actually, you will see the name Nagook Ltd reflecting on your credit card or bank account statement rather than Bondara.

With all these, you can leave your doubts about trusting Bondara for your purchase of sex toys and aids. Indeed, if you try to shop here, there are a lot more great things you can discover from this shop.

Where To Get Discounts

What is amazing about Bondara is that they offer cheap sex toys for different needs. The website has a section dedicated to the cheapest of all their products in the market. Imagine, their bestsellers such as the Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver, MasterB Vibro-Cate Harrington, and Purple Pearl Rabbit Vibrator can all be purchased in less than 40 Euros.

Moreover, at a regular basis, there are Bondara offer code, money off vouchers for Bondara, Bondara UK discount code that you can make the best use of. To get any kind of Bondara offer code, what you only need to do is become a member of the company. Then, you can receive great discounts to all of your future purchases in the site. If you provide your email, you can always receive the shop’s newsletter containing special Bondara UK discount codes. You can also get these Bondara offer code, money off vouchers for Bondara, Bondara UK discount code by searching them in the Internet.

Indeed, what else can you be looking for in a sex toy shop? With the wide selections, convenience, affordability, and privacy they promise, everything you need is already in here.

Role of Genetics and Epidemiology in Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual disorder (FSD) is characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain sexual arousal necessary for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The quality of life diminishes when a woman suffers from FSD. It causes stress and depression. Sexual problems can occur at any age. Factors such as stages in life, cultural, medical and psychiatric influences play a major role in causing sexual dysfunction. There are various FSD treatments available on the market that help women recover from sexual dysfunction and resume their sex life.

A recent study on 4037 women from the UK and 3080 from Australia revealed that there is a significant impact of genetics on the orgasmic capacity of a woman. About one-third of the women said that they did not achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse and about 21% said that they only achieved an orgasm during masturbation. Around 34% of the women in the UK and 32% in Australia were affected by genetics. This shows that there are wide variations in orgasmic functions of women and they have a strong genetic base.

Clitoral length is inconsistent while vaginal length is not. Given the connection between the range of clitoral structures and capacity to get an orgasm, the marked inconsistency in clitoral size is not indicative of evolutionary variety bias for clitoral formation and on female orgasm.
Genetics also influence vulnerability to sexual dysfunction. Women with type II genotype were 8 times more likely to have a sexual dysfunction if they consumed oral medication and contraceptives.

A study conducted in various colleges revealed that only 14% to 17% of the women spoke with their doctors about FSD. Most women never spoke with their doctors about sex or any other topic related to sex. In most cases, the doctor initiated the discussion and most women believed that their doctors would not be approachable to discuss their sexual problems. They also felt that the doctor lacked interest in many cases and this may leave them embarrassed. Here are the findings of the study:

The prevalence and likelihood of FSD is more amongst women who are stressed by work and relationships.
It could not be established whether menopausal status was associated with changes in sexual functions.
A meta-analysis of the prevalence and incidence of FSD showed that FSD are highly common across cultures.
There is a direct correlation between the age and incidence of FSD. The frequency of symptoms of FSD increases with age but distress and trauma because of those symptoms decrease with age.
The role of culture was not as imperative as troublesome medical history.

If you are a woman, who suffers from FSD, then treating yourself with Intrinsa patches is one of the best alternatives for you. These patches can be bought online and a lot of money and time can be saved. Intrinsa is a testosterone patch designed to treat FSD. It works by releasing testosterone through the skin in the bloodstream so that testosterone levels come back to normal. These patches are a form of FSD treatment.

Can a Sex Instructional Video Help Improve Your Love Life?

Whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, sex is probably one of the most talked about, if not controversial, topics in the whole world. Everyone needs sex, not just for procreation, but for pleasure and strengthening of a relationship as well. You can’t talk about romantic love without including sex in the equation so if you’re currently in a relationship and you want to make your love story last, you should definitely start working on your sex life. But how do you start? Though you’ll find a lot of great ideas online on how you can spice up your love life, there is really only one way that can help you take your sex life up a notch. Want to know what a sex instructional video can do for your relationship? Then don’t hesitate to read on.

Assuming that you and your lover both have open minds towards this subject, a sex instructional video can do wonders for your relationship. But do bear in mind that this option isn’t for everyone. If you’ve just started dating, make sure to have an open discussion with your partner on how he or she feels about using this sort of videos. This way, you’ll be able to avoid causing offense or any awkward moments that may lead to future misunderstandings in the relationship.

Helps You Become A Better Lover

Sure a sex instructional video may not be a necessity in making a relationship work, but it can help you make it stronger. A sex instructional video can help you become a better lover as it can provide you with tips and techniques that will make every sexual encounter worthy to be remembered. From oral techniques to different sex positions, you’ll be able to reinvent yourself as the ultimate lover once you’re done watching the video.

Allows You To Open Your Line Of Communication

Another benefit that you can get from incorporating the sex instructional video into your bedroom routine is that you’ll get a much more open communication line between you and your partner. Just by watching the video together, you’ll feel much more comfortable expressing what you want sexually and your partner will be more open to tell you what he or she would like to try out. When used properly, a sex instructional video will be able to help you form a stronger bond emotionally and physically.

If you’re interested in purchasing sex instructional videos, there are a number of ways that you can easily get your hands on them. First off, check out what your local adult bookstores or sex shops have on offer. Although these shops usually have an extensive line up of different adult videos that you can choose from, make sure that you choose a sex instructional video and not just a porn flick. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of visiting these shops or you just don’t have the time, start your search online instead. The great thing about purchasing online is that you not only have access to a wide array of different titles, but you’ll also get to shop anonymously.

Of Race, Reason, and Genetic Probability

The distinguished Nobel Prize winner, Dr. James Watson, has, over the decades, certainly proven himself in the eyes of the world to be a great scientist; and to have become such a great scientist, in the same league with his Nobel Prize winning associate, Dr. Francis Crick, he had to of been a profound empirical thinker capable of progressive deductive and inductive reasoning in order to eliminate error from the process of experimentation in order to have reached the astounding conclusions in discovering DNA. For this significant reason, I believe James Watson, PhD, was hardly incorrect when he delineated, in 2014, that not all human races have the same level of genetic intelligence or cognitive ability. If all races of humankind had the same innate intelligence, there would have been a marked flourishing of early intellectual development in math, science, art, and cultural civilization in all parts of the ancient world, in contemporary spans of time, from the three original separated human racial stocks, the Caucasoid stock, the Mongoloid stock, and the Negroid (changed politically in the late 20th Century to be called Capoid and Congoid) stock. Western history looks to white Western civilization among the ancient (prior to the birth of Christ) Greeks for the discovery of philosophy, mathematics, poetics, drama, medical science, and natural science. Eastern civilization among, especially, the Chinese, though long separated from the ancient Western world, has been credited with the same levels of inventive developmental discovery in the same basic disciplinary areas. For instance, while brain tumors were being treated by the ancient Greeks around 600 B.C. with electricity from primitively constructed batteries, the Chinese were treating diseases with herbs and acupuncture around the same time. Astronomical observations in China, Greece, the northern African Egyptian, and the much older Mesopotamian civilization resulted in the creation of primitive clocks and calendar systems for keeping tracks of seconds, hours, days, weeks, and years. The Chinese even surpassed the Greeks in their discovery and development of black powder and rockets powered by it. Yet, the singular mark of all advanced civilizations was the creation of roads and transportation systems. The Greeks, and their copycat Caucasoid successors, the Romans, built great road systems for the purpose of communication and commerce. The Chinese, also, were responsible for great road and wall systems all through the ancient East.

The great dilemma in human developmental equality is that which occurred on the continent of Africa, where the Negroid racial stock originated. Though the first modern humans were found by paleontologists to have sprung from areas in Africa, the intellectual cognitive development of those early humans, those contemporary black Africans who populated the African continent south of Egypt and the Mediterranean coastal areas of northern Africa (which included those areas occupied by the ancient Phoenicians and the Carthaginians) have been regarded as much less than that of the Caucasoid and Mongoloid racial stocks. Why? On having studied the indigenous or native intellectual development, and the accompanying achievements, of the sub-continental black Africans, where the greater population of these black human beings existed, historians, paleontologists, and anthropologists throughout the world have concluded that there was not, to any degree, the same advancements in civilization that occurred anciently with the Greeks and the Chinese. While we might say that the intelligence of the Mongoloid people, from which the Chinese race sprang, might have been, and might currently be, much greater than that of the Caucasoid people from which the Greeks sprung, there is no scientific doubt that the Negroid stock humans, from which the African people sprung, did not make any of the strides in intellectual development that were made by those other races of humans. One of the very basic and stark comparisons that may be made between the humans of lower-Africa and the humans of Eurasia is that there was a complete absence of roads for the purpose of African communication and commerce between the indigenous tribes until white Europeans began investing their time and money in the natural resources of the African continent. Many individuals with unscientific minds who designate anyone racist who theorizes that one race of people may possess far greater intelligence and cognitive ability than other races are far less than objective when other genetic racial abilities are considered. For there is no doubt that black Africans have shown over the centuries a superior genetic physiological athletic ability than other races of human beings, to include strength, agility, and endurance.

Since Dr. James Watson has empirically hypothesized that standardized intelligence testing conducted on black Africans in a culture-fair context has determined that the general population of indigenous Africans are not as basically intelligent as the general population of white and Asian human beings of the contemporary world civilization, he has been castigated as a racist. This generalization is, by no means, no more biased than saying that average Caucasoid and Mongoloid stock human men cannot play basketball as well as average human men of black, Negroid African origin. Furthermore, the rapid assimilation of black African-American men into American football, basketball, baseball, since around 1955, has indicated that black African-American men are much more physically adept at running, jumping, shooting a basketball, carrying a football as fullbacks, and catching footballs as ends and receivers than white American men. The collegiate and professional athletic records will fully substantiate this fact, as they will the fact that there have been more successful white quarterbacks in the history of collegiate and professional football, than black African-American quarterbacks. The reason for this disparity has been attributed to the intelligence of the quarterback, in addition to his size, strength, speed, and agility, rather than to only size, speed, strength, and agility. Since around 1950, the collegiate and professional records of football performance have proven that the size, speed, and strength of the African-American linemen and running-backs have far-exceeded the abilities and achievements of most of the white American football linemen and running backs. This is not to say that there have been a few black African-American quarterbacks of distinction, but these few have been the exception rather than the rule.

The blending of the races from the Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid racial stocks has been an ongoing experimentation producing varying genetic results. From a purely physiological and genetic viewpoint, the inter-racial combination of genetic stock has indeterminable results. If, perchance, a man of black African origin sexually combines with a woman of white European origin, there is not a 50/50 chance of the reproductive off-spring of such a relationship inheriting the full genetic intelligence of the more intelligent sexual partner. The probability of the child genetically receiving lesser-genetic intelligence than the lesser-intelligent sexual partner is as great, in that combination, as the probability of the child genetically receiving lesser-intelligence than the more-intelligent sexual partner. The hereditary odds in a case of miscegenation are against the procreation of an offspring with the same, or higher, intelligence than the more intelligent sexual partner. For example, if two certified geniuses, male and female, of the same racial stock, who were both physiologically free of biological defect, sexually combined to produce an offspring, that child would have a 95 percent chance of having the same, or higher, genetic intelligence as the intelligence of the more intelligent sexual partner. If two people, male and female, of the same racial stock, free of physical defect and both of average intelligence, combined sexually to procreate a child, that child would have, approximately, an 85 percent chance of inheriting a greater genetic intelligence than the more intelligent sexual partner, and a 20 percent chance of inheriting a less-intelligence than the less-intelligent partner. Moreover, if two certified geniuses of different racial stocks, say a Negroid man and a Mongoloid woman, who are both free from physical defect, combine sexually to procreate a child, that child would have an approximate 90 percent chance of inheriting a lesser genetic intelligence than the more intelligent sexual partner, and an approximate 40 percent chance of inheriting a lesser genetic intelligence than the lesser-intelligent sexual partner.

Hence, the blending of human racial stocks through intermarriage can be satisfying in a purely visceral or emotional fashion, but the probable expectation of the genetic transfer of higher, or the same intelligence, to an offspring, through such genetic combination is scientifically negated, since such a combination is purely an experiment in genetics that will produce an unknown result, such as cross-breeding horses, rabbits, or bovines. Is this a statement of unsubstantiated racism, or an empirical result of pure scientific testing? In the same way that Dr. James Watson’s statement about the disappointing results of intelligence-testing among black African men, women, and children may be falsely construed as racist nonsense for purely political motives by non-scientific individuals, the scientific facts about the genetic procreative results of inter-racial marriage and unions, which have been produced by empirical testing, may also be relegated to the trash heap of racism.

It would certainly be wonderful to know, as a fact, that all human beings are genetically equal in every conceivable fashion; but this would be purely fantasy. Even the equality conferred upon mankind in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights… ,” is only equality under the law, not physical or intellectual equality. If it were physical and intellectual equality conferred in that sacred document, it would have been a flagrant contradiction of reality, but Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin knew exactly what type of equality nature’s God naturally conferred upon all mankind, and it wasn’t genetic intelligence. The most the human race can hope for are the human genetic exceptions to the rule, those extraordinary geniuses produced from Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid racial stocks by sheer probability, and not by ordinary natural design.

For new-age sociologists, psychologists, and other, supposedly, social scientists, and even historians, to call a renown, Nobel Prize winning, molecular-biologist, such as Dr. James Watson, a racial bigot because he derived a purely scientific conclusion, of social impact, predicated upon empirical scientific research and testing, is certainly as preposterous as phrenologists, in the early 20th Century, telling biologists and medical doctors that they were stupid and misinformed to think that the structures of the human brain were less important in analyzing a human being’s behavior than the bumps and irregularities on that person’s skull.

Size Genetics Review – An Honest Review of Size Genetics

Are you looking for a Size Genetics review to help you know whether or not the product is any good or not? Well if you’re looking for a review on it, then look no further. In this article I’ll give you an honest review of this product so you’ll know whether or not it’s for you.

If you’re one of the many men who’s suffering from an undersized male sexual organ you need to know there is help for you for the purpose of enlarging your male sexual organ by using very special devices designed to exercise your male sexual organ, and give you the results you’re looking for.

When men decide they’re going to use some type of male enhancement product they usually turn to traction devices as one of the absolute best techniques to help them with this problem. In this review I found many men were more than happy to use this particular product because of its effectiveness and because of the results they were able to achieve in a short period of time using this product.

The idea behind this product is based on devices such as orthopedics which are designed to lengthen various body parts safely and effectively. Not to mention the fact there has been many tests already done that serves to prove the effectiveness of the entire process.

I was able to learn male sexual enhancing products like this were extremely easy-to-use, and most of the time you are not required to visit any kind of medical professional. You’re also able to wear this particular extension device for extended periods of time, usually go up to eight hours at a time for the most effectiveness.

This device is able to apply pressure for the purpose of lengthening your male sexual organ gradually but consistently. You will not have to worry about any kind of harmful side effects whatsoever if you should decide to use it.

I also found in review of Size Genetics that even if you were one of the few men who suffered from a male sexual organ that was crooked, size genetics can help to correct this problem as well. For the many men who suffer from this rare condition they’re glad to see that a product like size genetics is able to correct it. But finally I found the only complaint most men had was the cost of traction devices such as size genetics.

It usually costs a couple of hundred dollars for the entire system, which is what one will need if they hope to see the most results. Even though this may seem like a lot of money for some men, for the man who desperately want their problem solved it is a small price to pay.

Erotic Adult Lingerie For Women

Often women are so immersed in their outward appearance that they start neglecting what is within. This is the case with many of us women, who are interested in beautifying themselves from the very core, always pay special attention to their choice of under garments. Adult lingerie always had a great role to play in women’s lives.

Adult lingerie comes in a wide variety of sizes and shape. So whether you are a skinny sexy lass or a plus size with alluring curves you can easily choose your adult lingerie from this wide range of sizes. They also offer you to choose from a variety of designs and cuts.

Whereas some stick to your body like a wet swim suit, some may drape around your curves smoothly like a piece of cloth. Some of them are designed especially for special dresses to be worn by you in different occasions. For example you should wear a strapless bra with an off shoulder dress and similarly. Women of today know very well how important it is to match the under wear with your dress.

It is not just the color but also the design and cut of the dress that determine the kind of under wear that should be worn with it in order to look hot and sexy. The wrong underwear can ruin your effort of dressing up completely! So make sure you pick the right adult lingerie when you wear something out of the ordinary.

However, then you wear adult lingerie, you should be able to carry it out with perfect ease and confidence. If you are shy and uncomfortable wearing it, the lingerie alone can not make you the hot babe. But if you have the figure and are proud of it, wearing adult lingerie will only enhance the eroticism within you and nothing in this world can stop your partner from getting excited.

In fact, adult lingerie is one of the most effective tools to arouse excitement in your partner if things have just got stagnated for sometime. Kinky underwear and sexy bras can make him drool and bring back the passion that he had when he met you for the first time.

They can easily spice up your life in a unique way! So if you are one of those people, who still wear the old fashioned, ordinary, trashy undergarments all the time but are really eager to try out something new and exciting, then it is time for you to switch over to adult lingerie. They will not just change the way you look but also the ay you feel at present. They will rekindle the flame of eroticism in your life and help you to reinvent yourself in a very special way!

Online Dating – The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Are Making And Striking Out

Gentlemen, STOP your engines! Take a deep breath and think about it for a second! What was the first thing you learned back in high school. You know, when girls first started looking good to you. When they stopped being ICCKKY! Play it cool. Don’t seem desperate, and in a way make her wonder: Is he interested in me? Which brings us to our number 1 mistake.

1- Whatever you do, don’t come off desperate. 9 out of the 10 emails I get have these dreaded phrases in them “Please” “I’d give anything to….” “Oh my god I can’t believe” “What will it take” Any guy that seems desperate makes a gal wonder. “Hmm.. Why is this lad having such a hard time meeting women? The famous ” I wonder what’s wrong with him” There must be something wrong with him. Oh well, on to the next guy. DON’T COME OFF DESPERATE!! It’s a huge turn off!

Have you ever tried walking up to a girl in a bar, club or even on the street and pulled your pants down? Of course not. You wouldn’t be reading this. You’d be in prison doing 2-4 for indecent exposure. You know what I’m getting at! Some of you have tried this tactic and no matter how big and beautiful it may be, you struck out! Didn’t you!? The famous number 2..

2- Don’t show ‘em your dingaling prematurely. I once posted an ad in the casual encounters section of Craigslist. The things I saw!! The horror! For example “Hi beautiful, if you like what you see, email me.” “Bet you haven’t seen one this big ever in your life” or the famous “Look how excited your picture made me” Now don’t get me wrong, it’s exactly what I was searching for posting in that section. But you see, women are looking for men. We’re interested in meeting YOU not it. If all we wanted was a weewee, we’d buy one at our local adult erotic shop and avoid the headaches. It’s an encounter with someone new we’re looking for. The excitement of the unknown. Make us want it. Don’t just hand it to us on a platter. We want to work for it a little. And don’t forget the obvious fact that with everything we’ve heard on the news, the stories of women getting raped and killed, we’re a little afraid to meet the men that come off as sexual predators. So please, KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO OTHERWISE!

So you’ve signed up on a random date site. You’ve put in your alias, your gender, and what you’re looking for. And now you avoid filling in the rest. Thinking that your alias “looking4mate72″ says it all and you don’t need to write anything else about yourself. Right? Did it work? No, it didn’t. Of course not. Don’t overlook number 3.

3- Tell us how interesting you are. If there’s nothing interesting about you, how can you get our interest? Make sense? Out of the 400 words you can enter in the field you chose to write “Hello, I’m looking for sex” well good for you, so is everyone else on here but at least they’re making an effort to attract the women. If you can’t think of anything interesting about yourself, chances are we won’t find anything either. These are the guys that go around saying “You know these dating sites are full of it. There’s no women, it’s all a scam. Dating sites are filled with real women dying to meet interesting dudes. There just don’t seem to be enough of them. Be interesting, and if you’re not, make something up! Make some sort of effort. With today’s technology we’ve been spoiled a little. But when it comes to meeting women, you have to spend a little time and energy. That’s the beauty. But if you can’t grasp this, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be able to download some beautiful woman on some torrent site in no time. We’re almost there. In the meantime…! keep…. you know.

Uploading your mug shot will probably not get too much attention from the sane women. You know the ones I’m talking about. No smile. The guy is starring into his webcam. You’re not sure if you’re still at the dating site or you accidentally clicked into the FBI’s most wanted list. A picture says a thousand words, make them good words.. number 4.

4- When it’s time to upload your pictures, don’t just turn on your cam and snap away. These have to be the dullest pictures I see. (I’d rather see their johnson, #2). Upload some real photos. A picture of you with your dog, you with friends, you at the beach. Something interesting! Somewhere you’ve been, something you’ve done. You, staring into your webcam, is not interesting at all. No one is going to sit there and go through 34 pictures you just took with your webcam in the dark. Creepy! You need to show us a side of you that’s going to grab our attention! Attraction is what it’s all about. NO MORE WEBCAM SHOTS!

Last but not least.. You’re going to hate this one I promise. But it’s as important or more important than the first 4… Pick a site you like, and become a member.

5- If you’re not willing to pay a few bucks a month to be a member, chances are I’m picking up the bill at the restaurant, bar, club, hotel or motel. The truth is, women rarely browse profiles of the free members that logged in once or twice. We like a little stability. We want to meet someone who’s been verified by the site. Avoids us a lot of trouble. What you’re telling women is; You’re not cheap, You’re a verified user, It’s safe to come in contact with you, you’re serious about meeting someone and again YOU’RE NOT CHEAP! If you can’t afford the membership, how are you going to meet up with me? Where will we be going? You can continue posting on those free classifieds “Anyone want me to pick her up with my car and go at it?” all you want, but you’ll be spending lots of lonely nights. And if it does work, I don’t want to see the gal that responds to that ad.

In conclusion, meeting women online is not that different from meeting women offline. Always remember that these are the same women you see in your everyday life. The difference is, it’s a lot easier to break the ice. So, why are you not succeeding at making that encounter? Is it because there are no women online? Of course not. There are as many women online as there are men. Avoiding these 5 deadly mistakes will increase your chances dramatically. Take advantage of the fact that most men are making these mistakes. There are plenty of fish in the E-SEA. Just remember to use the right bait. I’m currently on 3 dating sites myself. There are lots of single girls still looking for someone interesting to hook up with. I’m one of them. So please, if you come across me, don’t whip it out in my face, unless I ask you to!

Richard Dawkins’ Theory of Sexual Evolution

Richard Dawkins is an internationally acclaimed scientist whose work in the field of genetic evolution changed the way we think. His brilliant first book The Selfish Gene has forever changed popular notions of evolution and compelled us to look at it with another view – a gene’s eye view. So, what does getting girls have to do with Richard Dawkins? Well, everything, if you consider the workings of the female mind – why she wants a high status male and ruthlessly rejects a male demonstrating low status, and also why she insists on a long courtship before having sex with a guy.

A brief look at the sexual evolution of the female mind -

The female member of every species has been genetically programmed to choose as her mating partner, a male that is the healthiest and strongest of the lot available to her. By doing this, she is following the most basic rule of sexual evolution- she is ensuring the survival of her genes. If the father of her children is the strongest and healthiest male around, it naturally follows that he will have the first pick of the food and shelter available. Thus he can best ensure the safety and security of the children through his resources and strength. If the children survive, it means that through their survival, the female has a greater likelihood of her genes successfully surviving and reproducing.

This ordain is true for the animal kingdom but it was truer in the case of human beings living in the caveman era because they had to survive in an environment fraught with highly dangerous elements like wild animals, disease and vagaries of unfavorable weather. It made perfect sense for a female to copulate and produce babies with the male best-equipped to guarantee their safety- a mentally and physically strong male.

Although all those dangers are no longer applicable to the life of the modern human being, sexual and genetic evolution has deemed it necessary for the female brain to continue evaluating a potential sexual partner in terms of the resources or ‘survival value’ he can provide. Thus, if a woman wants a rich and sexy guy as a sexual partner, it’s not because she is plain materialistic. It’s just her genes making her do so.

Richard Dawkins, in his book The Selfish Gene, has also categorically explained why a female insists on a long courtship period and, relative to men, doesn’t tend jump into bed with the male on the first date itself. This phenomenon is also decreed by her ‘selfish’ genes. According to Dawkins, to ensure the survival of their genes, every individual wants as many surviving offspring as possible, regardless of that individual being male or female. A male can impregnate as many females as he wants courtesy the limitless supply of sperm he has. Other than his sperm, he is not obliged to invest much of his resources in any children that he has with those females.

A female on the other hand, can have a child only once in a year and has to invest a lot of her resources in taking care of that baby, as in carrying it in her womb for 9 months, breastfeeding it for a year after birth and then caring for it for some time. It makes sense for the female to engage the male in the caretaking so that she too is free to have more offspring. A long courtship process helps her to screen and to weed out the males that are more likely to make her pregnant and then split for greener pastures. A male that will stick it out for the long courtship proves his fidelity and perseverance by doing so. That’s why a female will often have sex with a male only after a long courtship.

Another phenomenon, seemingly contradictory of the above, is the distinction between ‘lover’ and ‘provider’. At certain points in their monthly cycle, women are more attracted to raw, unadulterated masculinity, at the same time as their ‘biological clock’ is most likely to conceive. The lover/provider theory states that, ideally, if a woman’s selfish genes cannot get a high status male to stick around, she might simply have sex with him, at the same time as being pairbonded to another male, who will think the baby is his! This poor sucker is known as the ‘provider’, and it makes sense, if you think about it: High status (high survival value) genes, not just those of high reproductive value (e.g. looks) will be passed on to the next generation, thus benefitting the woman’s genes. If the lover (the more attractive, masculine man) is unwilling to commit, the woman can only have the best she can get take care of her kid. This, in the real world, is what happens, far more often than one would think: around 10% of newborns have fathers other than the guy on his/her birth certificate!

Richard Dawkins has thus unlocked the key to the female sexual genetic code and provided very useful explanations for the idiosyncrasies that females are prone to and that have guys tearing out their hair in frustration. His book The Selfish Gene is a must read for all those people that want to understand the crux of human relationships, selfishness and altruism in general, as well as guys who just want to get girls! Indeed, it is one of the first books on the reading list of the budding PUA.

Science Supports the Need for Casual Sex Flirting

Casual sex movies make it all seem so easy. Two people meet up at a bar, share a quick drink, and then are seen passionately bouncing off hallway walls as they try to get each other’s clothes off. But is it really all so simple? And if it is, then why aren’t all bar room hallways bursting at the seams with horny hookups? The answer is…they’re not and the science behind attraction and a woman’s desire for casual sex gives a little insight into why.

In several studies, the original one conducted in 1989 and a follow-up one conducted more recently, both men and women were asked if they would have casual sex with a platonic friend – a friends with benefits arrangement – or if they would have casual sex with a complete stranger. In both studies it showed that men were more likely to agree to a quickie than their female counterpart. So if you are a man and want to get a more favorable response to the question, “Will you go to bed with me?” there are few basic things that you need to understand about the women who are most likely to say yes.

Whether you meet a potential partner through an adult online dating site, through a friend, or in a pub, the basics of getting that person to agree to a one night stand or no strings attached relationship include a little flirting. Yes, even with casual sex you need a little flirting.

Science has suggested two theories explaining what women look for. The first theory reaches back to our caveman roots and the evolutionary reasons for having sex – survival of the species. In this explanation the woman needs to be choosy about their hook up mate since they expect them to stick around to help change diapers and buy formula. They want a man they can depend on.

The second theory is one that we can better get our minds around when talking about casual sex and that is the Pleasure Theory. We are all hardwired to pursue pleasure. This is the type of wiring that you guys need to stand up and take notice of. Yes, woman will be more likely to say yes to a casual relationship when they perceive that they are going to get a little pleasure from it…or more likely, a lot of pleasure. Women want to orgasm and they will be more willing to give it a shot with a guy (or girl) that is likely to provide it.

So let’s put the two theories together and create a better mousetrap. Guys, if you want casual sex then you need to convince a woman that they can depend on you to give them an orgasm!

How is this done? Well, to discover that you may just want to follow me and get some advice on some good old fashioned flirting and seduction. That is something that never goes out of style no matter if it’s casual sex or true love sex that you are after.

Vintage Adult Comics

As how they are obviously referred to, vintage adult comics are a reflection of ancient era or golden times. These are comics released in the 13th and 14th century and these days, they are difficult to get hold of. Other collectors aren’t just limiting themselves to the 1940-50′s collections, though. They follow until the 1970 releases of these comics.

Hundreds of comics were circulated in the golden age of magazines and literature. These materials were published using old kinds of papers. Vintage, as we hear of it, sounds valuable and rare. And yes, it definitely is rare to find some collections of books, magazines, comics or anything done five to seven decades ago.

The young adolescent and adult groups have let loose their inhibitions of browsing over these vintage adult comics that flaunt boldness, sexiness, sophistication and seventh heaven. The erotic side of life is presented in its creatively enticing manner through sexy pictures of women and passionate scenarios of couples in love and lust. There is no denying that men are continuous followers of these kinds of readable stuff. Sensual women are even getting open-minded to explore the so-called hobby but rarely do they declare such actuation.

As vintage comics like Batman, Flash Gordon, Superman, Green Lantern and Spiderman gained popularity back then, the emergence of vintage adult comics followed through their successes. Instead of heroic and funny themes, love and passion are usual concepts of the adult category of magazines and comics, that’s why they are for adults only. Thought not many people recognize it, comics are a serious business, too, just like movies, bars, Internet porn, among others.

Since the 1970′s, the worth of vintage adult comics has consistently multiplied due to their huge demand from investors and collectors. If you collect any of these vintage stuffs, you are likely to earn a good bit of dollars as they are usually appraised as valuable. It seems like a standard notion that if you own something vintage, you can benefit largely.

The approach employed in vintage adult comics is dependent on culture and lifestyle of a certain country it is being released. There are those that are too erotic that may not be appreciated by some. Basically, they’re identified to be of European, Japanese and American themes.

Vintage adult comics are usually of erotic conceptions and graphics, sometimes identified as artistic outputs of pornography. The sexuality of both men and women in the same setting is depicted as real as it can be to educate and stimulate the senses of the readers. Sensuality in a human being is but normal as long as it is done within grounds of matrimony. However, the world has accepted reality that bites, thus there isn’t any critical judgment aimed to those enjoying the art of making love out of marriage.

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