Of Race, Reason, and Genetic Probability

The distinguished Nobel Prize winner, Dr. James Watson, has, over the decades, certainly proven himself in the eyes of the world to be a great scientist; and to have become such a great scientist, in the same league with his Nobel Prize winning associate, Dr. Francis Crick, he had to of been a profound empirical thinker capable of progressive deductive and inductive reasoning in order to eliminate error from the process of experimentation in order to have reached the astounding conclusions in discovering DNA. For this significant reason, I believe James Watson, PhD, was hardly incorrect when he delineated, in 2014, that not all human races have the same level of genetic intelligence or cognitive ability. If all races of humankind had the same innate intelligence, there would have been a marked flourishing of early intellectual development in math, science, art, and cultural civilization in all parts of the ancient world, in contemporary spans of time, from the three original separated human racial stocks, the Caucasoid stock, the Mongoloid stock, and the Negroid (changed politically in the late 20th Century to be called Capoid and Congoid) stock. Western history looks to white Western civilization among the ancient (prior to the birth of Christ) Greeks for the discovery of philosophy, mathematics, poetics, drama, medical science, and natural science. Eastern civilization among, especially, the Chinese, though long separated from the ancient Western world, has been credited with the same levels of inventive developmental discovery in the same basic disciplinary areas. For instance, while brain tumors were being treated by the ancient Greeks around 600 B.C. with electricity from primitively constructed batteries, the Chinese were treating diseases with herbs and acupuncture around the same time. Astronomical observations in China, Greece, the northern African Egyptian, and the much older Mesopotamian civilization resulted in the creation of primitive clocks and calendar systems for keeping tracks of seconds, hours, days, weeks, and years. The Chinese even surpassed the Greeks in their discovery and development of black powder and rockets powered by it. Yet, the singular mark of all advanced civilizations was the creation of roads and transportation systems. The Greeks, and their copycat Caucasoid successors, the Romans, built great road systems for the purpose of communication and commerce. The Chinese, also, were responsible for great road and wall systems all through the ancient East.

The great dilemma in human developmental equality is that which occurred on the continent of Africa, where the Negroid racial stock originated. Though the first modern humans were found by paleontologists to have sprung from areas in Africa, the intellectual cognitive development of those early humans, those contemporary black Africans who populated the African continent south of Egypt and the Mediterranean coastal areas of northern Africa (which included those areas occupied by the ancient Phoenicians and the Carthaginians) have been regarded as much less than that of the Caucasoid and Mongoloid racial stocks. Why? On having studied the indigenous or native intellectual development, and the accompanying achievements, of the sub-continental black Africans, where the greater population of these black human beings existed, historians, paleontologists, and anthropologists throughout the world have concluded that there was not, to any degree, the same advancements in civilization that occurred anciently with the Greeks and the Chinese. While we might say that the intelligence of the Mongoloid people, from which the Chinese race sprang, might have been, and might currently be, much greater than that of the Caucasoid people from which the Greeks sprung, there is no scientific doubt that the Negroid stock humans, from which the African people sprung, did not make any of the strides in intellectual development that were made by those other races of humans. One of the very basic and stark comparisons that may be made between the humans of lower-Africa and the humans of Eurasia is that there was a complete absence of roads for the purpose of African communication and commerce between the indigenous tribes until white Europeans began investing their time and money in the natural resources of the African continent. Many individuals with unscientific minds who designate anyone racist who theorizes that one race of people may possess far greater intelligence and cognitive ability than other races are far less than objective when other genetic racial abilities are considered. For there is no doubt that black Africans have shown over the centuries a superior genetic physiological athletic ability than other races of human beings, to include strength, agility, and endurance.

Since Dr. James Watson has empirically hypothesized that standardized intelligence testing conducted on black Africans in a culture-fair context has determined that the general population of indigenous Africans are not as basically intelligent as the general population of white and Asian human beings of the contemporary world civilization, he has been castigated as a racist. This generalization is, by no means, no more biased than saying that average Caucasoid and Mongoloid stock human men cannot play basketball as well as average human men of black, Negroid African origin. Furthermore, the rapid assimilation of black African-American men into American football, basketball, baseball, since around 1955, has indicated that black African-American men are much more physically adept at running, jumping, shooting a basketball, carrying a football as fullbacks, and catching footballs as ends and receivers than white American men. The collegiate and professional athletic records will fully substantiate this fact, as they will the fact that there have been more successful white quarterbacks in the history of collegiate and professional football, than black African-American quarterbacks. The reason for this disparity has been attributed to the intelligence of the quarterback, in addition to his size, strength, speed, and agility, rather than to only size, speed, strength, and agility. Since around 1950, the collegiate and professional records of football performance have proven that the size, speed, and strength of the African-American linemen and running-backs have far-exceeded the abilities and achievements of most of the white American football linemen and running backs. This is not to say that there have been a few black African-American quarterbacks of distinction, but these few have been the exception rather than the rule.

The blending of the races from the Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid racial stocks has been an ongoing experimentation producing varying genetic results. From a purely physiological and genetic viewpoint, the inter-racial combination of genetic stock has indeterminable results. If, perchance, a man of black African origin sexually combines with a woman of white European origin, there is not a 50/50 chance of the reproductive off-spring of such a relationship inheriting the full genetic intelligence of the more intelligent sexual partner. The probability of the child genetically receiving lesser-genetic intelligence than the lesser-intelligent sexual partner is as great, in that combination, as the probability of the child genetically receiving lesser-intelligence than the more-intelligent sexual partner. The hereditary odds in a case of miscegenation are against the procreation of an offspring with the same, or higher, intelligence than the more intelligent sexual partner. For example, if two certified geniuses, male and female, of the same racial stock, who were both physiologically free of biological defect, sexually combined to produce an offspring, that child would have a 95 percent chance of having the same, or higher, genetic intelligence as the intelligence of the more intelligent sexual partner. If two people, male and female, of the same racial stock, free of physical defect and both of average intelligence, combined sexually to procreate a child, that child would have, approximately, an 85 percent chance of inheriting a greater genetic intelligence than the more intelligent sexual partner, and a 20 percent chance of inheriting a less-intelligence than the less-intelligent partner. Moreover, if two certified geniuses of different racial stocks, say a Negroid man and a Mongoloid woman, who are both free from physical defect, combine sexually to procreate a child, that child would have an approximate 90 percent chance of inheriting a lesser genetic intelligence than the more intelligent sexual partner, and an approximate 40 percent chance of inheriting a lesser genetic intelligence than the lesser-intelligent sexual partner.

Hence, the blending of human racial stocks through intermarriage can be satisfying in a purely visceral or emotional fashion, but the probable expectation of the genetic transfer of higher, or the same intelligence, to an offspring, through such genetic combination is scientifically negated, since such a combination is purely an experiment in genetics that will produce an unknown result, such as cross-breeding horses, rabbits, or bovines. Is this a statement of unsubstantiated racism, or an empirical result of pure scientific testing? In the same way that Dr. James Watson’s statement about the disappointing results of intelligence-testing among black African men, women, and children may be falsely construed as racist nonsense for purely political motives by non-scientific individuals, the scientific facts about the genetic procreative results of inter-racial marriage and unions, which have been produced by empirical testing, may also be relegated to the trash heap of racism.

It would certainly be wonderful to know, as a fact, that all human beings are genetically equal in every conceivable fashion; but this would be purely fantasy. Even the equality conferred upon mankind in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights… ,” is only equality under the law, not physical or intellectual equality. If it were physical and intellectual equality conferred in that sacred document, it would have been a flagrant contradiction of reality, but Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin knew exactly what type of equality nature’s God naturally conferred upon all mankind, and it wasn’t genetic intelligence. The most the human race can hope for are the human genetic exceptions to the rule, those extraordinary geniuses produced from Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid racial stocks by sheer probability, and not by ordinary natural design.

For new-age sociologists, psychologists, and other, supposedly, social scientists, and even historians, to call a renown, Nobel Prize winning, molecular-biologist, such as Dr. James Watson, a racial bigot because he derived a purely scientific conclusion, of social impact, predicated upon empirical scientific research and testing, is certainly as preposterous as phrenologists, in the early 20th Century, telling biologists and medical doctors that they were stupid and misinformed to think that the structures of the human brain were less important in analyzing a human being’s behavior than the bumps and irregularities on that person’s skull.

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